Our Global Network

The Amerasian Foundation works with many individuals and organizations around the world. Since the Amerasian Foundation is not a search organization, per se, all Amerasian cases sent to us are then referred to the appropriate organizations and individuals around the world. Below is a list of who the Amerasian Foundation cooperates with now and/or in the past:

  • Kevin Miller, Jr., of the Amerasian Foundation (USA and Vietnam)
  • Gary Felker of the Amerasian Foundation (Philippines)
  • Jennifer W. of the Amerasian Family Finder (USA)
  • Jimmy Edwards of Amerasians Looking for their Roots (USA and Philippines)
  • Gene Ponce of GSP American-Thai Research (Thailand and USA)
  • Indigo Willing of Adopted Vietnamese International (Australia)
  • Trista Goldberg of Operation Reunite (USA)
  • Shandon Phan of AmerasianUSA (USA)
  • Eric Gomez of the Philippine Children’s Fund of America (Philippines and USA)
  • Peter Hill of the Sancta Maria Orphanage (Australia and Vietnam)
  • Joe Soto (Honorable Mention) (South Korea)
  • Mark Teresa of USABound (USA)
  • Robert Ballenger (Honorable Mention) (Philippines)
  • Tracy Young of the Philippine Children’s Fund of America (Philippines and USA)
  • Clint Haines of the Amerasian Childfind Network (USA and Vietnam) – Passed away in early 2011 (RIP Clint).
  • Jon Tinquist of the AAHope Foundation (USA and Vietnam)
  • Gil Watts of the Waifs of War Foundation (Australia and Vietnam)

Please Note: Amerasian cases are no longer being referred to Marissa Navidad, who was removed as Amerasian Foundation Vice President for legal issues in 2006, and Raul Garcia, both citizens of the Philippines.