Success Stories

Vietnamese Amerasians Find their Mother after 32 Years

From Jennifer W. of the Amerasian Family Finder:

Pham Thi Bich - Vietnamese Amerasian Mother Vietnamese Amerasians Mary and Johnathon Freeman

Even though this case was originally referred to the Amerasian Family Finder to search for the birth father of both Mary and Johnathon, the Amerasian Family Finder was able to find their birth mother Ms. Bich in Vietnam! Both Mary and Johnathan were adopted during Operation Babylift and are looking forward to seeing their mother in April 2007. Thanks to a joint effort with Adopted Vietnamese International and the Amerasian Foundation this reunion will be made possible. The search will continue for their birth father “Roger.”- February 2007

Johnathon says: “We have not contacted each other directly but I feel as though I know you. I’m glad you and my sister were able to communicate and find our mother. I want to take this time and thank you for your hard work. It’s people like you that make the world a better and closer place”

Mary says: “WOW! If you only know how this all happened you would be amazed. It all started with my brother two weeks ago telling me where we both was born and our Vietnamese name. I was surfing military web sites on the VN war in the Gia Dinh providence and came on a like on Vietnamese orphans and to your web site and the AVI website. Once again thank you for everything you have done.”


Jimmy Edwards and Pinky Reunited

Jimmy Edwards, with the help of the Amerasian Foundation (Marissa Navidad), located and reunited with his Filipino Amerasian daughter, Pinky. He currently runs Amerasians Looking for their Roots website in an effort to help reunite as many Amerasians with their fathers as he can.

Jimmy Edwards and his Amerasian Daughter, Pinky

(Pinky with her reunited father, Jimmy Edwards)