Giving all Amerasians a Voice

Filipino Amerasians

(Filipino Amerasians in the Philippines)

The Amerasian Foundation is dedicated to help develop an “Amerasian Voice” in the US and Asia. Since it was formed on December 5, 2003, in Seattle, Washington, USA, the Amerasian Foundation is still collaborating with other individuals, groups and organizations around the world in an effort to unite all Amerasians by:

  1. Creating a “Network” to Unite Amerasians in the U.S. and Asia,
  2. Promoting and Preserving Amerasian Culture and Identity, and
  3. Informing the Public around the World on the Plight of Amerasians.

The work has been difficult but the Amerasian Foundation has developed cooperative partnerships with key organizations in an efforts to achieve it’s mission and purpose; The Amerasian Family Finder and Adopted Vietnamese International in Australia. A collaborative effort between the Amerasian Family Finder, Amerasian Foundation, and Adopted Vietnamese International led to the reunion of two Vietnamese Amerasians with their Vietnamese mother after 32 years of no communication. With Our Global Network, we hope to continue our work in efforts to maintain an “Amerasian Voice” for all Amerasians.

In order to help us continue with our work, please Donate to Amerasian Causes with the Amerasian Foundation’s Partner Organizations.

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