Amerasian Definition

Filipino Amerasians

(Filipino Amerasians – The largest group of Amerasians in the World)

Pearl Buck is normally given credit for dubbing the term Amerasian even though Amerasian populations, and the terms usage, have existed in Asia, most notably in the Philippines, prior to World War II. It can even be argued that the first Amerasians were fathered in the 1850s when Commodore Matthew Perry opened up Japan to the world.

Since World War II, Amerasians populations have sprung up in Japan, the Philippines, Thailand, South Korea and Vietnam. Many were abandoned by their fathers and/or mothers, others successfully emigrated with both parents to the US to lead a normal American life. The Amerasian Foundation wanted a definition that would encompass all Amerasian groups in Asia and the US.

In 2003, the Amerasian Foundation came up with the following definition:

The Amerasian Foundation, defines an Amerasian as any person who was fathered by a citizen of the United States (an American servicemen, American expatriate, or U.S. Government Employee (Regular or Contract)) and whose mother is, or was, an Asian National Asian.

Since 2003, the Amerasian Foundation, with the Amerasian Family Finder, has accepted this definition to define Our Clients. Thanks also goes to the Amerasian Childfind Network on their input on drafting this definition.

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