Amerasian Day

International Amerasian Day – March 4th

In 2001, Amerasians in Olongapo and Angeles City celebrated “Amerasian Day” for the first time. The local governments of these two cities have approved March 4th to be celebrated as Amerasian Day. Amerasians in the Philippines are advocating that March 4th be Amerasian Day for the entire country.

International Amerasian Day – U.S.
The Amerasian Foundation proposes that March 4th in the U.S. be a day of commemoration of all Amerasians around the World. In a couple of years, the Amerasian Foundation will start campaigning to have this day recognized as Amerasian Day.

If you are interested in helping make March 4th “Amerasian Day” in the U.S., please Contact the Amerasian Foundation.