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(Filipino Amerasians and a Vietnamese Amerasian baby)

The Amerasian Foundation aims to serve the Amerasian populations, as defined by the Amerasian Foundation, located in the U.S. and overseas in Asia (Japan, Kyrgyzstan, South Korea, Thailand, The Philippines, and Vietnam). Furthermore, the Amerasian Foundation will support those organizations that provide services to Amerasians in Asia.

The Amerasian Foundation has developed cooperative partnerships with three key organizations in an efforts to achieve it’s mission and purpose; The Amerasian Family Finder and Adopted Vietnamese International in Australia. We hope to continue to serve all Amerasians in the near and far future.

Kevin Miller, President of the Amerasian Foundation Gary Felker, Amerasian Foundation Representative in the Philippines Jennifer - Amerasian Family Finder

(We are Amerasians too!)